10 Serious Choking Hazards for Babies

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There are dozens and dozens of objects and items that could potentially cause your child to choke. A rule of thumb to follow is: if it is small enough to be in their mouth then it is probable they could choke on it. Below are common choking hazards in your home and foods you give your child, so take note and be prepared:

5 Household Items

Toys- Be aware of toys your child has. Lots of toys come with little pieces that can come off or fall off. Try getting toys for your kid that are larger than your fist and that do not have easily removable pieces.

Coins- Keep your change jar up and out of reach. Those shiny pieces are fascinating for a child and if their curiosity strikes them they will have no problem swallowing and then possibly choking on your change.

Jewelry- Just like coins jewelry around the home is an easy target for your kid. It’s shiny, different and interesting. Make sure to store your earrings, pendants and other jewelry in a safe area.

Pen/Marker caps- These are small and can get lodged in your child’s throat. The different colors and odd smell entices them to taste it. Supervise your child while they are using pens and markers and then store away, out of reach.

Toothpaste caps- A common household product that everyone uses that are small and tasty for your little one. The mint flavor excites children, to avoid this purchase the toothpaste that have an attached flip cap.

5 Food Items

Grapes- These delicious kiddie snacks are unfortunately the perfect size for choking. Be sure to cut the grapes in to small bites before serving your child their meal.

Ice cubes- While taking a sip from a grown up’s glass their little mouths will open too wide and swallow an unexpecting ice cube. Use straws or skip the ice!

Chewing Gum/Candy- These little treats can get stuck very easily, your child will get carried away with the chewing and sucking on the candy while playing or talking. As much as your child wants these sweets, try to avoid them.

Popcorn-Light, yummy and way too easy to inhale as your child is munching on popcorn. The best way to allow your child to eat popcorn is to supervise and teach them not to take large handfuls at a time. Make sure that they chew completely before swallowing.

Hot Dogs- Because of their size and texture these yummy inexpensive lunch time meals are a common choking hazard. Cut the hot dog into tiny pieces before allowing your child to eat them, may take away from the fun of eating a hot dog, but it’s best to be safe.

Always be aware and always be prepared. Take inventory of the things in your home and glance over your grocery lists for things that could be a possible choking hazard. Also learn what to do if you child begins to choke. There are many classes offered in your city that will teach you how to perform things like CPR, black blows and thrusts. So when it comes to foods and items, the key thing to remember is: if you are ever in doubt, don’t give it to your child.

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