10 Signs That Your Sitter is Ignoring Your Kids

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Choosing a quality babysitter can be challenging, but now that you found one how do you know whether or not to keep them. There are great sitters out there, but along with the great ones, there are also some duds. You want to make sure that your sitter is attentive and responsible when watching your children. Listed below are ten signs that your sitter is ignoring your kids.

  1. Your Child Doesn’t Like Them. If your child is old enough to verbalize their concerns, you need to listen to them. Your child can tell you up front what they did for the evening. If they said they spent it in front of the TV, while the sitter chatted on the phone, you may wish to have a conversation with her/him before hiring them again.
  2. Your Child is Unkempt. If you get home and notice that the baby’s diaper is soaking wet or that they went to bed unclean, then you can be certain that your sitter is not paying close enough attention to them.
  3. Facebook or Twitter Activity. You can check your sitter’s Facebook or Twitter page to see if there is a lot of activity during the time that they are supposed to be watching your child. Social media can be easy to use, but it still can be distracting.
  4. Potty Training Difficulties. If you have a child that is potty training, and you notice when you get home that there is a larger than the usual amount of soiled clothing, then more than likely your sitter is not paying enough attention to a toileting schedule.
  5. Accidents. If your child seems to have more physical accidents or injuries while in the care of a sitter, then it is possible that they are not watching them closely enough.
  6. Broken Items. Kids are kids and things will break, but if it happens more often when a sitter is around, they may not being watched as closely as you’d like. Or if you notice broken items that haven’t been cleaned up then the sitter probably wasn’t aware that they even happened.
  7. You Witness It. If you come home and the sitter is sitting in front of the TV, Computer or Video Games while your child plays in another room then you can be sure it is happening when they aren’t expecting you as well.
  8. They Can’t Recall Details. If you ask your sitter what they did all night and they can’t give you any details or they try to avoid the subject, then chances are they are not doing their job.
  9. They Ask Your Child to Answer. If you ask the sitter what they fed the kids for supper and they turn and ask the kids what they ate, then you might suspect that they are not taking care of your children properly.
  10. Bad Behavior Goes Unnoticed. One sure way to know if your sitter is ignoring your children is if bad behavior is going unnoticed. If your child tries to get away with doing something, by using the excuse that the sitter lets them, chances are they may not be paying enough attention to notice what’s going on.

Having a sitter that pays close attention to your child is crucial to keeping them safe when you cannot be around. Be mindful of anything that seems off and don’t be afraid to express your concerns. Your child’s safety is the most important thing and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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