10 Signs Your Child Thinks Your Taste in Music is Lame

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Hating your parents taste in music seems to be a rite of passage these days, and is something that probably started back when Elvis came along and introduced rock and roll.  Parents weren’t fans of his swiveling hips and new style of music, and thought that rock and roll would corrupt their kids.  As much as they may have tried to prevent it, there’s no doubt about it that rock and roll is here to stay! And, much like your parents hated your taste in music, this generation of parents and children hate each other’s music too.  Check out 10 signs your child thinks your taste in music is lame.

  1. They roll their eyes: Of course, kids do this for any number of reasons as they approach their teen years, but this eye roll happens whenever you listen or talk about your favorite music.  Talk about your music and see if you can get them interested in why you like the music.
  2. Constantly changing the radio station: When you are both in the car and the music is playing, they will constantly complain or change the radio station.  They don’t want to listen to your music, and will rebel against it every time you get control of the radio.  If you don’t show how much you dislike their music, maybe they won’t hate yours as much either.
  3. They put on their headphones when your music is on: The epitome of showing distaste is to essentially plug your ears when the music comes on.  Your child can’t stand to listen to your music for any length of time and will always choose to listen to their choice of music with headphones instead.  Just make sure they aren’t listening too loudly and damaging their hearing. 
  4. Always making fun of your singing: Now, this might have something to do with your lack of singing skills, but more than likely it’s what you are singing that they are laughing about.  This is a good time to remind them that a little respect goes along way… and that your singing is here to stay.
  5. Hide your CD’s: They think they are being clever when they hide your favorite CD’s so that you can’t listen to them.  They think that if they fill the house with their music that you will somehow magically like it better than your music.  Give their music a chance, but let them know that you don’t think they are being very funny by hiding your music.
  6. Laugh with their friends about your music: They are putting together an act for the school talent show and decide that they will make it funny by imitating your favorite artist, dancing and singing around the living room making fun of your music.  Chalk it up to adolescents and just ignore it.  This too shall pass.
  7. Fall asleep during a concert: Miracle of miracles your child has agreed to go to a concert with you, but much to your dismay they have fallen asleep during the symphony and they are about to fall out of their chair.  Keep in mind that classical is not for everyone and give them a gentle nudge.
  8. Vote against your Idol pick: You finally think you are on the same page with your child when you sit down and watch American Idol together.  Unfortunately your child can say nothing nice about the contestant that you like and is using all of your votes to vote for someone else.  It’s okay though, because at least you are watching together.
  9. Download their music to your MP3: Not too subtle, but rather clever.  Your child is more computer savvy than you and has downloaded their music to your MP3 player.  Now you are stuck listening to their music when you would much rather listen to yours.  But if you want them to give your music a chance then maybe you should give theirs a chance too.  Listen to their music with an open mind and try to say something positive about it later.  Nothing says that you have to choose to listen to their music, but you can show them that you can be open-minded.
  10. Diss your favorite artist as old: There’s nothing worse than when your child talks about how old this artist is or that artist is.  Unfortunately the artists they mentioned are some of your favorites and it makes you wonder how much longer your favorite musicians will be around.  They definitely think your taste in music is lame, but it’s okay because your folks thought the same about your music.
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