10 Totally Illogical Reasons Why Kids Might Fight

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Let’s face it, kids fight for just about every reason imaginable – and then on top of that some we’d never even dreamed of. It’s almost always over something silly, transient and hardly worth the effort. But honestly, when we think back to our own childhood, we remember how absolutely imperative it was to decide once and for all who got a window seat on family drives, or which sneaker was cooler – Pro-Keds or Converse (the answer is Converse, naturally). So let’s see if we can boil this list down to ten totally illogical reasons kids fight:

  1. Toughest Superhero – As if beating up a sibling would establish Batman as a worse crime-fighter than Superman. It’s not like we actually dressed up in capes and tights to duke it out or anything, you understand. Oh, wait.
  2. Who Spotted the Blue Car First – So what if it’s supposed to be a fun, congenial way to pass the time on road trips? So what?! Is that any reason to back down when you know you saw that minivan waayyy before your brother did? We didn’t think so.
  3. Remote Control – Specifically, control of the remote. We can only be grateful that it isn’t a steering wheel or an airplane throttle, though most days we fear that’s only a matter of time.
  4. Who Mom Loves the Most – There is absolutely no way of ever determining this one decisively. If only they could understand that there is more than enough love to go around – and several times over at that. Even despite the fact that they’re testing her nerves to the breaking point.
  5. Who Gets the Top Bunk – Considering how much time they spend navigating their bunk beds as a pirate ship and battling adversaries together on the high seas, and how little time they spend actually sleeping in the bunk beds, this one’s a bit of a puzzlement for sure.
  6. Battle for the Last Cookie – Yes, the Chips Ahoy Smack-down is yet another oddity to us. Particularly in light of the fact that there is no such thing as ‘the last cookie’ in our household. The supply has been endless with a new batch always ready to be opened, or at least insofar as our grocery funds have lasted.
  7. For the Attention – If your kids are picking fights with each other, it could be that they are feeling neglected, and want you to intervene in order to get your attention. Trouble is they usually wind up getting a form of attention they hadn’t bargained for.
  8. They’re Tired – It makes absolutely no sense from a logical perspective, but kids tend to get irritable at bedtime and prefer to resist the inevitable. They will fight to the last breath the need to go to sleep, and with each other.
  9. Boredom – Seriously, kids today have more entertainment options just in their bedrooms than probably existed in every toy store and arcade on the planet when we were kids. How they can ever get bored – and why fighting seems to them a good solution to cure their boredom – just completely escapes us.
  10. They See Parents Fight – The most illogical, and saddest reason of all why children fight is that they are following the example we set for them. If we want to get our kids to stop fighting, we must show them how to handle differences peacefully. So, when hubby smugly states to his buddies that Kim Kardashian is way hotter than Angelina Jolie, please refrain from belting him in the mouth. Do it for the children.
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