10 Uses for Baby Wipes Other than What They Were Intended For

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Baby wipes have to be one of the best inventions ever.  Moms will readily attest to the fact that, even after you no longer have kids in diapers, you will still buy wipes because there are so many other great uses for them.  Check out these 10 uses that you may not have thought of:

  1. Use wipes to clean sticky fingers and faces.  Wipes are much softer than tissues and since they are already wet they are more convenient to use than a wash cloth with soap and water. They also are great for when you are away from home and need to clean sticky fingers and faces quickly.  In a pinch you can even use them to wipe runny noses because they are so soft.
  2. Wipe spots off of microfiber furniture.  Microfiber furniture is very easy to clean, but sometimes a gentle cleaner is necessary.  That’s where the wipe comes in.  Baby wipes can work well in cleaning spots when you need to clean up a small spot quickly. 
  3. Remove crayon from painted surfaces with wipes.  Baby wipes are a kid-safe way to clean what can otherwise be a difficult mess to remove.  Other harsh chemicals can be used to effectively clean crayon, but wipes are safe for the kids to be around with no severe fumes.
  4. Clean your rubber stamps when card making.  Something in the wipe conditions the rubber stamp as it cleans the ink off.  There are other alternatives to clean stamps, but none as convenient and as inexpensive as a baby wipe.  You can also use a folded baby wipe on a paper plate and add a few drops of different colors of ink from a re-inker and use the plate and wipe as your temporary stamp pad for a custom color mix.
  5. Wipes work as a make-up remover.  The make-up industry has caught on to this trick and is now making makeup removing wipes especially for that task, but for less money you can use a baby wipe that you already have at home.
  6. Remove lipstick from a shirt collar.  As long as you catch it right when it happens, you can use a wipe to remove lipstick from a shirt collar.  It takes a little elbow grease, but it works when you need a solution fast.
  7. Use wipes for quick clean ups around the house.  Keep a box of wipes in your kitchen for a quick clean up after breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Wipe your kid’s mouth and any spills or crumbs on the table all by using a single wipe.
  8. Use in place of water to clean hands if using a porta-potty.  Doesn’t it always figure when you are at some sort of outside event that your child has to go to the bathroom?  It also never fails that there’s no way to wash her hands after she goes.  Baby wipes to the rescue!  In desperate situations wipes can serve as toilet paper too.  That is, after all, what they were designed for.
  9. Baby wipes are a convenient way to clean your puppy’s feet.  Do you ever take your pooch to the dog park only to realize that his paws are a mess and he’s about ready to leave paw prints all over your car?  Grab the baby wipes.  These work well to clean the mud and dirt off of your puppy’s feet.  Keep them by the door at home for those times that he comes in muddy from the yard too.
  10. Wipes work well for cleaning hairspray off of wood surfaces.  Baby wipes have just enough moisture and texture to lift the sticky residue of hairspray off of counters and wooden cupboards.  Unlike harsher cleaner-based wipes, baby wipes won’t dry out your wood.
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