10 Ways to Determine the Rate to Pay your Sitter

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The amount to pay a babysitter can vary as much as ten dollars an hour depending on your location and circumstances, as well as qualifications of the sitter. A number of factors need to be considered, when determining the going rate. Listed below are ten ways to determine the rate to pay your sitter.

  1. Check References. When you are checking your babysitter’s references, ask them what they paid. This will give you an idea of what the sitter is used to receiving.
  2. Duties. Your sitter may be comfortable with a lower rate if there are not any extra responsibilities for them. However, if you want them to take the kids anywhere or work on homework with them, you really should increase their pay for those extra responsibilities.
  3. Ask Other Sitters. If you know of any other sitters, you can ask them what they charge, when they are babysitting. Just make sure you are asking people from your own area.
  4. Ask Other Parents. Ask your friends and neighbors what they pay for their sitter’s. This is a great way to find out what the going rate is in your area.
  5. Ask Their Parents. If you are using a new babysitter that came to you through a friend or family member, ask the parents of the sitter what you should be paying them.
  6. Go Online. Do some research online to find out what the going rate is in your area. There are many websites out there that have a babysitting calculator that is very simple to use. You just type in your zip code, the number of children you have and what type of experience the sitter has, and it gives you the hourly rate.
  7. Take Age and Experience Into Account. You will need to think about not only how old the sitter is, but how long they have been babysitting, to figure out how much to pay. Taking into consideration whether they have training or certification helps as well.
  8. Timing. Timing can also affect the rate you pay your sitter. Did you call them at the last minute? Are you going to be staying out very late? Is it a holiday? All of these play an important role in how much to pay, as you will want to compensate for any extra inconvenience.
  9. Age and Number of Children. You need to take into consideration the number of children you have, as well as their ages. You will pay more if you have more children, but you can also pay differently, depending upon the age, as well. While younger children require more care, and typically you will pay more for infants, it is possible to pay less depending on the circumstances. If the sitter won’t be coming over until after the children are asleep, then they may not need to be paid as much, since the care is minimal.
  10. Ask Them. Ask your sitter what they normally charge. If you are not comfortable with the price they give,  ask if they are negotiable.

By taking the above list into consideration, you should be able to get a starting base pay to work with for your sitter. However, you will want to increase their pay as you get more comfortable and add responsibilities. After all, you want them to come back, if they are good at what they do, and they should be properly compensated for their efforts.

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