10 Ways to Explain the Sitter Kissing on the Job

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It’s an unfortunate truth that most kids learn about subjects beyond what’s age-appropriate from teenage babysitters. Because sneaking a boyfriend (or girlfriend) into the house while the kids are sleeping is also a time-honored babysitter tradition, it’s fairly likely that a kid who wakes up in the middle of the night will encounter a bit of kissing. Should your child find themselves observing something that confuses them, there are ten ways that you can explain the whys and hows of a sitter that was caught kissing on the job.

  1. Figure Out How Much They Saw – The level of explanation required will depend, first and foremost, on how much your child witnessed. If he or she walked in the room during a relatively chaste peck, the explanation won’t need to be as in depth as it would be for a full-blown make-out session.
  2. Determine How Much They Already Know About Kissing – As with many other subjects, kids can surprise us with how much they understand beyond our expectation. Before launching into lengthy lecture about things your kids already understand, figure out what they understand and what they don’t.
  3. Be Prepared in Advance – Tackling the subject of sexuality and kissing is inevitable, especially if your child will be in the care of teenagers or young adults that are still in the process of exploration. Parents that are taken off guard by the subject are more likely to fumble through the conversation than those who are prepared in advance/
  4. Make Your Explanation Age-Appropriate – Tailoring your conversation to the age and comprehension level of your children is absolutely imperative. Just as too much information can be overwhelming for a little one, explanations that are too vague for older kids will only add to their confusion.
  5. Use Yourself and Your Partner As an Example – Unless you’ve made a concerted effort to avoid displays of affection in front of your kids, they’ve almost certainly seen you and your partner kissing. Using this relationship and your kids knowledge of it as a jumping-off point can help to put it into a perspective that they understand.
  6. Talk About Favorite Film Characters – If your kids are fans of Disney films and others of their ilk, they’ve been exposed to the love stories that are a central part of such tales. These situations, paired with explanations including the real-life couples that your children know, can also help them understand the situation.
  7. Answer Questions – Opening the conversation with an opportunity for your children to ask any questions that they have serves the dual purpose of determining what they’re confused about and helping them to feel that they’re active participants in a discussion, rather than on the receiving end of a lecture.
  8. Avoid Mystifying the Subject – Though you’ll probably want to avoid any long and overly-detailed explanations, vague answers that shroud the subject in mystery will only increase a child’s curiosity and make them more likely to explore it on their own.
  9. Keep It Relevant and Simple – A talk about kissing can lead to more awkward territory very quickly, even if your main goal is avoiding anything deeper. Keeping your statements relevant to the topic at hand and as simple as possible can help you avoid meandering conversations that end up embarrassing you and confusing your child.
  10. Don’t Blow the Situation Out of Proportion – Approaching a talk about anything related to sexuality while you’re upset or uncomfortable can cause you to have a more dramatic reaction than necessary. Avoid making a scene that can cause your child to feel awkward or confused about what they’ve seen and your reaction to it.
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