10 Ways to Find a Sitter Fast

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We all have things that come up suddenly, that require a last minute search for a babysitter. Work calls and needs you to come in or stay late or your usual sitter canceling at the last minute. Listed below you will find ten ways to find a sitter fast.

  1. Use an Online Agency. Online babysitting agencies are a great way to find a babysitter fast. They usually have already done a background check, and preliminary interviews to help you narrow down your results and weed out anyone you wouldn’t want to use.
  2. Facebook/Twitter. If you are in a pinch, you could always update your Facebook or Twitter status to let your friends know you need a sitter. They can either recommend someone or volunteer themselves or their child.
  3. Ask a Neighbor. If you don’t have any neighbors with teenagers you may be able to ask the neighbor themselves. Many times an older neighbor would love to have some company from an older child for a couple of hours.
  4. Ask for a Referral. If your regular babysitter cannot watch your kids, ask them if they know of anyone else you can call. Chances are they will have a friend or family member they can recommend to you.
  5. Offer a Payback. Call up a friend you know that has children, and ask if they can watch your child; you will return the favor by watching theirs on a day/night of their choosing.
  6. Call Family. If you are lucky enough to live near your family, you can usually call them at the last minute to sit for you. Most grandmas and grandpas would be happy to help you out in a jam.
  7. Increase Pay. If you have a last minute request, and your normal sitter is reluctant on such short notice, offer to give them a bonus for the inconvenience.
  8. Check Daycare Centers. Some licensed daycare centers are open late or all night and may even offer drop off services. Some of these centers don’t require you to bring your child regularly and can be a great option for last minute needs.
  9. Call the School. If your local college or high school offers courses on childcare you can call and speak with the person in charge of that program, and ask if they have any recommendations for someone in their classes.
  10. Classifieds. You can find advertisements in the classifieds for people looking to babysit. You can search your local paper or free online sites such as craigslist. A word of caution with this one, though. Make sure you don’t skip the reference check, since no one is actually recommending them to you.

You do not want to have just anyone come over to watch your kids, just because they can do so on short notice. So make sure you use caution, when trying someone new and don’t skip reference checks, unless you know who they are. Just because your neighbor recommends their niece, doesn’t mean they are a good babysitter.

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