100 Ways to Show Your Daughter She’s Loved

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The way you show your daughter you love her will change throughout the year. As a baby, you show her love by taking care of her needs at the drop of a hat. As she gets older, the way you display love for her changes. The biggest ways you can show her you love her is by spending time with her and openly telling her you love her. Play with her, cook with her, listen to her talk, send her a note in her lunch. Surprise her and show her affection in different ways. Check out these 100 blog posts to learn different ways to let your child know that she is loved.

Bake Together

If you enjoy baking or cooking, sharing this love with your daughter can be one way to show her how much you love her. Sure, it might mean you have a bigger mess to clean up afterwards, but you’ll also be spending quality time together. Show patience throughout the process and find reasons to laugh while you are baking together. Then enjoy the fruits of your labor once you’re done baking. Find kid-friendly recipes to make with your daughter in these 10 blog posts.

  • Make MuffinsFun at Home with the Kids provides a recipe and pointers for cooking with kids as young as 18 months.
  • Cheesy ScrollsPaint on the Ceiling shows how you and your preschooler can make something delicious for the whole family using very few ingredients.
  • Bake Cookies—Who doesn’t love cookies? Let the kids get involved and help you make some cookies, as suggested on Inspirations.
  • S’mores on a StickSassafras explains how to set up simple stations where the kids can make this dessert on their own with no fire involved.
  • Fancy Nancy Cupcakes—Try baking the pink cupcakes described on The Pink Apron with your daughter.
  • Banana BreadSo Very Domestic shares this simple recipe that her kids love making.
  • Roll-Out Cookies—Let the kids get their hands on the dough by making these roll out cookies with them, just like the blogger from Simple Kids.
  • Let Them Decorate—Part of the fun of baking is decorating the baked goods once they are done. Frosting also has the ability to mask a myriad of mistakes, as explained by BBC Good Food.
  • Shortbread—Experiment with the kids when you bake these shortbread cookies, as suggested by Quiet Country Life.
  • Whoopie Pie Cookies—Kids will like anything that starts with the word Whoopie! Find tips for how to make these cookies with your kids from Style Me Pretty Living.

Surprise Her

This doesn’t necessarily mean jumping out of a closet and startling her; instead, do kind things to surprise her. She will enjoy the surprise and know that you spent time setting it up just for her. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, either. Sometimes the simplest gestures mean the most. You’ll find lots of ways to surprise your daughter detailed in these 10 blogs.

  • Create a Scavenger HuntCelebrate Every Day with Me explains how you can create a scavenger hunt that leads to a special treat for your child.
  • Lunch Box SurprisesThe Stir gives a bunch of ideas on how you can slip surprises into your daughter’s lunch box.
  • Send a Doodle Napkin—Include a cute napkin with a note and doodle on it that will surprise her at lunch time, suggests Just Something I Made.
  • Personalized Pencil—Order some special pencils from Oriental Trading to hide in her binder or lunch box as a surprise.
  • Finger Puppets—Not an everyday sort of thing, but once in a while hiding a finger puppet from Amazon in your daughters coat pocket or gym bag will make her laugh.
  • Hide a Fortune Teller—Include a fortune teller in her pocket or lunch box filled with fortunes she doesn’t know, as shown on Moms Minivan.
  • Make her Favorite DinnerPenny Zeller suggests surprising your daughter by making her favorite dinner on a day that hasn’t gone so well for her.
  • Pick Her Up from School—Surprise her by taking her to the park after school when she thought she was just going home, suggests Kidsumers.
  • Cut Her Sandwich into a Fun Shape—Skip the boring square sandwich and instead surprise your daughter by cutting her sandwich into a fun shape, as shown on My Julie Bees.
  • Breakfast NoteSmart Parenting recommends making breakfast look special and then putting a note on it to surprise your daughter.

Send Notes

Younger kids that don’t read can get little pictures or drawings from you. As your child gets older, download some pre-printed notes to use. Sometimes kids will think they are getting too old for lovey dovey notes from their mommy, so switch to sending jokes in her lunch box when that happens. The other kids will look forward to them just as much as your child does and she will feel the love you have for her. Take a look at these 10 blog sites that have clever ideas for sending notes to your child.

  • Lunchtime Notes—Download these free lunchtime notes from Frog Prince Paperie.
  • Funny Notes—Try out these notes from Food Family Finds to include in your child’s lunch.
  • Lunchbox Love Notes—Include these words of wisdom or funny love notes available through Mommy Blog Expert.
  • Hide Notes—You can put notes where they might not be found right away, like on a pillow or in a favorite book, according to The Educator’s Spin on It.
  • Leave Notes if You Travel—Let your child know how much you love them when you go out of town, as suggested on this Cloud Mom video.
  • Include Notes with Coordinating Treats—These notes go with a special treat, like Orange Crush gum paired with a note that says, “You’re going to Crush Your Test Today,” found on Lou Lou Girls.
  • Tags on Fruit—Download these clever fruit-inspired tags that you can attach to the fruit that you put in your daughter’s lunch, as shown on Alpha Mom.
  • Chatty NotesSimply Kierste shares fun lunchbox notes.
  • Use an Edible Pen—You can write notes on everything from pop tarts in the morning to fruit for lunch, as shown on Hungry Happenings.
  • Small Pre-Printed Notes—These notes can be downloaded to include in lunches on The Charm It Spot.

One-on-One Time

Make your daughter feel special by spending time alone with her. Kids who have siblings often feel like they get shortchanged when it comes to time spent with a parent. Whether it’s a mother/daughter outing or a father/daughter outing, make it a point to spend alone time with her. Once a month may be enough, or you can spend time every night reading and praying with your child before bed. If your child has any concerns, this may be the time that they come out. These 10 blogs will provide more ideas for spending one-on-one time with your child.

  • The Importance of One-On-One TimePower of Moms explains how she and her husband took their 16 year old on a trip to spend time with just her.
  • Snuggle Up and Read a Book—Spending time together doesn’t have to be expensive, as explained by Motherhood on a Dime.
  • Daddy/Daughter TimeMamaha explains how dads can help build their daughter’s self-esteem by spending one-on-one time with her.
  • Nightly Prayer—Spend time alone with your daughter at bedtime and say a prayer where you tell God how thankful you are for your daughter along with others, as suggested by Raising Mighty Arrows.
  • Spa Day—No matter the age, you can have a Mommy/Daughter day at the spa or salon where you both get haircuts or pedicures, which is what Mama Challenge does.
  • Take a Walk—By taking a walk you can talk to your child and spend some time just listening to what she has to say, according to Daisy Cottage Designs.
  • Go to the Movies—Just you and your child need to do something special once in a while, like going to the movies together, as explained on Life Hack.
  • Sing—Sometimes something as simple as singing can be an enjoyable experience for just the two of you, per Working Mom Journal.
  • Bedtime Routine—Create a special bedtime routine, whether it’s with a story, a prayer, tickling or something else, as suggested from Inner Child Fun.
  • Go for a Drive—Unplug and do something with just your child, like going for a drive, suggests For Women to Women.

Be Affectionate

There are many ways to show affection. Some children don’t like hugs and kisses, and if that’s the case with your child you will need to find other ways to show you care, like a smile and wink. A gentle touch on the arm or rub of the back can also be enough to convey the love that you feel for your child. By showing affection to your child, even if you did not receive it as a child, you are paving the way for your child to show affection to others. Learn different ways to show affection in these 10 articles.

  • Seven Non-Functional Touches a DayThe Trumpet explains that you will grow closer to your child if you make it a point to give her seven touches a day.
  • Give Hugs of HelloU of A suggests that you intentionally make sure that you are showing your preschooler affection every day, because as she gets older it is harder to be affectionate.
  • Random I Love You HugsMommy Noire suggests showing that you love your child by surprising her with a random hug and telling her that you love her.
  • Give a Massage—Show affection to your child by rubbing her back at bedtime to help calm her and let her know she’s loved says Kidsu.
  • Smile—Look your child in the eyes and smile at her to connect and let her know she is loved says Kevin Scott Writes.
  • Affirming Touches and I Love You’s—This Deliberate Dad explains how important it is for kids to be shown affection and told how much they are loved.
  • Kisses—Give your child kisses to the extent that you and she are comfortable with them, according to Momma Two.
  • Snuggles—According to Greater Good, kisses and snuggles given to a child early on lead to more well-adjusted and calm adults, based on a study referenced in this post.
  • Holding Hands—While it’s important to hold your child’s hand, it’s also important to hold your spouse’s hand so the kids know about love and affection, says 3 Things for Mom.
  • Even Teens Need Affection—Adapt the way you show affection for your teen if she is uncomfortable, but don’t stop showing it says Parent Further.

Play Games

Again, spending time with your child is an important way to show her that you love her. Interacting with her in different ways, such as playing games or pretending to have tea, gives your daughter a warm feeling that you care about her and what she likes. Playing games is also educational, so you can help with several different skill sets at the same time. These 10 blogs show various games you can play with your child as she grows.

  • Check in with Her—Playing board games allows you time to touch base with your child and see how she’s doing and acting, suggests Quick and Dirty Tips.
  • Bond with Your Daughter Over Online Games—Cooking games and others provide a way to bring you and your daughter together, says Spilgames.
  • Bonding During Sibling NaptimeDes Moines Moms recommend games as a way to bond with an older sibling while a younger child naps.
  • I Spy—Playing games that require no supplies is a smart way to pass the time with your kids, explains The Coupon Project.
  • Bond Over PlayMommy Soul recommends playing with your kids so that you can bond with them and strengthen your relationship.
  • Quality Family TimeConfident in Grace explains how games can provide a way for quality family time and to show love to your child.
  • Play Minecraft Together—Connect over something that your child is interested in and become aware of what all the hype is about, says Close Families.
  • Laugh Together—Playing games together will give you an opportunity to connect and find things to laugh about together, explains My Two Hats.
  • Common Ground—Play video games with your child and work together toward a common goal to bring the two of you closer, says Gaming Death.
  • Develop Trust—Playing games and pretend with your kid allows you to form a bond of trust that will help when she gets older, says The Idea Room.

Do Crafts Together

Kids often love to do crafts, so even if you are not at all crafty you can provide materials for your daughter to be creative. Maybe she can even teach you something! Never miss an opportunity to improve your child’s self-esteem. You may even want to take a new class together so that the two of you are learning a skill at the same time that you can continue doing together your whole lives. From simple crafts to those appropriate for teens, these 10 blogs will provide instructions for you.

  • Make a Gratitude Journal Together—Once you make the journal you can both write in it and share what you’ve written to stay close, says Houston Family Magazine.
  • Make Sock Puppets—The time that it takes to make the puppets is time that will allow you to bond with your daughter, explains Singapore Motherhood.
  • Listen as You Craft with Your Child—Let your child lead the way on crafting projects and see if she wants to work together or separately, describes Citibabes.
  • Cover Ear Bud Cords—Your tween daughter is probably into listening to her iPod, so help her keep the cords untangled by knotting embroidery thread over the cord like the cord covers shown on Kiss Me Awake.
  • Headbands—What do teenage girls use a lot of? Headbands, so why not work with her to create one for every outfit and mood? Directions can be found on The Gunny Sack.
  • Connect over Tie-Dye—Check out the instructions on The Heartfelt Home to find a sample activity that includes a Bible verse and a craft for every month.
  • Needle Felt—Watch the video on Makezine to learn how to needle felt and create a wool buddy with your daughter that she will love.
  • DIY Project—Fathers and daughters can bond over a home improvement project at the house, says Psychology Today.
  • Take a Craft Class—Learn a new craft with your daughter by taking a craft class together, encourages Obviously Marvelous.
  • Let Your Daughter Take the Lead—Encourage your daughter to take the lead on decorating or crafting so that she can teach you something, says Chocolate Cake Moments.

Scrapbook Memories

While scrapbooking is a craft, it also includes a special element. That special element is your memory. Being able to look through old pictures and reminisce together can be a bonding experience for mothers and daughters of any age. Remember that the most important thing is that you are spending time together and that you are preserving memories. Don’t worry about your scrapbook being a masterpiece. More ideas for scrapbooking together are illustrated in these 10 blog entries.

  • Preserving Her MemoriesEarnest Parenting explains how to get prepped and ready to sit down with your daughter and scrapbook her memories.
  • Mother/Daughter ClassBeatriz Guzman shows the results from a mother/daughter four-hour class.
  • Scrapbook Page—Make a scrapbook page honoring your connection to your daughter, like the one found on Pause Dream Enjoy.
  • Challenge Yourself —Work on scrapbooking a page with pictures of you and your daughter, as detailed on Ria Creations.
  • Compare Your WorkScrapbooking for the Love of Paper suggests both mother and daughter create a page using the same sketch and then compare the two styles.
  • Bond Over Scrapbooking—This blogger from Daily Digi created a design to honor her mother because when she was young she started scrapbooking with her mom every weekend and they stayed close because of it.
  • Tea Party Crop—Look for events like the tea party crop described on Classic on Alexander, where mothers and daughters can crop and have a tea party too.
  • Crafting Session—Take a look at this mother/daughter scrapbooking session where the mom specifically printed out dog pictures for her daughter to scrapbook, as seen on Spend Less, Craft More.
  • Date NightMy Frugal Adventures suggests a mother/daughter date night where you both scrapbook your memories.
  • Sisterhood—Start scrapbooking with your daughter and you may both enjoy a lifelong hobby and something to bond over, as detailed on Inspired Woman Magazine.

Make Her Laugh

Laughing makes people feel good. Dr. Dunbar, laugh researcher at Oxford, explains that endorphins are released when you laugh. These feel good hormones help improve your mood. The same works for making your daughter laugh. While children laugh many more times a day than adults, it’s important to laugh with your child so that you can bond over a shared joke. Learn how to make your child laugh in these 10 blogs.

  • Use Sound EffectsCute Parents suggest using sound effects when reading a story to make your daughter laugh.
  • Tell a JokeChildhood Beckons gives you a list of 30 jokes to try out on your daughter to get her to laugh.
  • Giggle Gang—If you have a little one, get one of these Giggle Gang toys that sound like babies giggling and it will surely get your baby giggling too, says Darcy and Brian.
  • Physical Comedy—Pretending to trip usually makes your baby laugh, says Joanna Goddard, and there are four foolproof ways shown on a video.
  • Printable JokesRedfly provides you with printable jokes to tuck into her lunch, leave in her pocket or tape to the bathroom mirror to make her laugh.
  • Everyday Things to Laugh About—Take a look at the funny ideas on Let Me Start by Saying that may make your kids laugh too.
  • Blow Raspberries—Go through the ideas on Pop Sugar that may make your child laugh, like blowing raspberries on her feet or tummy.
  • Ripping Paper—According to Baby First, babies will laugh big belly laughs at the sound of ripping paper.
  • A Cartoon—Check out the cartoon cat on Children Education and see if it works to make your kids laugh.
  • Use Siri—The Apple virtual assistant can be pretty funny, and older kids will get a lot of laughs out of asking her questions, according to Venture Beat.

Be Proud of Her

Kids want their parents to be proud of them. It doesn’t matter how old you get, you still appreciate being told that your parent is proud of you and that they love you. Often pride and love go hand-in-hand. Cheer for your kids when they perform, whether they’re singing or playing soccer. Even as a teenager your daughter will appreciate hearing that you are proud of what she has accomplished and of the person she has become. Read through these 10 blogs to get more ideas of how you can show your daughter that you are proud of she does.

  • Display Artwork in a CalendarTwo Kids Cooking & More! suggests taking your child’s artwork and making it into a calendar for the family to see.
  • Tell Her You’re Proud of HerMore 4 Kids suggests that you look for the things that your teen needs for you to say to her, like that you are proud of her.
  • Make a SignMakobiscribe suggests making a sign or car magnet to show how proud you are of your child and her team.
  • Tell EveryoneAll Pro Dad takes an opportunity during a gathering of dads once a month to tell everyone how proud he is of his kid.
  • Social Media—Post something on Facebook to show your pride says Nurturing Mums, but make sure that you don’t overdo it.
  • Pinterest—Kids love to have their work recognized and to have their parents be proud of what they can do, so Kids in Cowtown suggests posting pictures on Pinterest.
  • Make a BookReal Simple shows a video of how you can scan child’s artwork into your computer and make it into a book to display with pride at home.
  • Changing Wall Art—Hang up empty frames and put your child’s artwork inside them to display them with pride, says The Artful Parent.
  • Use Hangers—Display artwork all over the house using pants hangers so that you can change out the artwork over time, as shown on The Honest Company.
  • Text Message—You are never too old to get a text from your mom telling you how proud she is of you and you never know how much that will mean to her, says College Plus.
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