18 Blogs Sharing Delicious Gnocchi Recipes that Even the Kids Might Like

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Gnocchi is a dish made from cooked, mashed potatoes that is simple to make and works well for quick weeknight dinners.  You can make your own gnocchi or buy your gnocchi pre-made in the freezer section. Since children usually like potatoes, they are likely to enjoy the mild flavor of the gnocchi when prepared in a soup, side or main dish.  Check out these 18 blog posts to try a new gnocchi recipe for dinner tonight.


Gnocchi has a pillowy texture that works well in soups, especially when combined with chicken and sausage. Or, if you’re looking for a lighter soup, you don’t have to use any meat at all. Your family will love the soups highlighted in these six blog entries.

Side Dishes

Since gnocchi is made from potatoes, you can use any of these dishes as a twist to any meat and potatoes type meal.  The next time you’re making meatloaf, try adding Crispy Gnocchi with Pistachio Pesto as a side for a new twist on an old favorite.  These side dishes would also be something special to bring to your next potluck.  Give one of these recipes a try after you check out these six blog articles.


It might seem like gnocchi would be only a side dish, but it’s actually quite versatile.  The next time you’re making a pasta dish, replace the pasta with gnocchi for an Italian dish called Gnocchi with Mushroom, Tomato and Herb Ragout.  Or try fixing a lamb dish with gnocchi for a special occasion. Break from tradition and change things up a little.  For other new ideas, take a look at these six blog entries.

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