24 Blogs Detailing How to Make Polymer Clay Creations

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Despite having ‘clay’ in the name, polymer clay is not really clay at all, but a polymer. Unlike other types of clay, polymer clay can be hardened in the oven, making it the go-to choice for craft projects and commercially made decorations. Before you begin using polymer clay it needs to be warmed up so that it softens and becomes more pliable. Once warmed, the polymer can then be used to make everything from jewelry to ornaments, zipper pulls to pencils tops and even sculptures. These 24 blogs illustrate how to make an array of different projects with polymer clay, such as animals, cartoon characters, jewelry and people.


The animals showcased in these six blogs are made up of simple shapes, and provide a good starting point if you’re just getting comfortable working with polymer clay. Each post is equipped with step-by-step illustrations instructing how to craft each animal, so you need only to follow the steps to have your very own set of polymer clay animals.


Some cartoons are made from a technique called Claymation. The characters in these shows are often made from polymer clay, and can easily be recreated at home. If you’re not ready to start creating on your own yet, check out the tutorials on these six blogs, which show you how to make everything from Oscar the Grouch to Zack the Dragon.


Making your own jewelry using polymer clay allows you to have a practical outlet for your clay creations. Homemade jewelry gives you a unique style and is a fun gift to give to friends and family. It also allows you to create the exact pieces you want in the perfect shades, so you never have to worry about searching for the ideal complementary accessory again.


Creating people out of polymer clay is an advanced skill, but these six blogs break it down so that even a beginner can have some success at sculpting them. Start by practicing making people in the right proportions, then tackle the more intricate pieces, such as the hands, eyes and other body parts. In no time you will be sculpting your whole family.

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