24 Blogs with Easy Easter Crafts for Kids Made from Recycled Materials

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As Easter approaches, your kids’ thoughts are probably turning to visions of Easter egg hunts, bunnies, chicks and candy.  With the help of these 24 bloggers, you can come up with a bunch of different crafts made from materials you have around the house that are perfect for the Easter holidays.  Recycling or reusing things you already have at home is a smart way to teach your child about being mindful of the world’s resources. These kid-friendly crafts will keep the kids busy for hours and allow them to express their creativity, all without costing you a buck.

Bags, Baskets and Boxes

Looking for alternatives to store-bought Easter baskets, gift bags and boxes?  Check out these eight blog posts for some easy to follow directions on making baskets, bags and containers with things you probably already have at home.


Easter lends itself to a lot of whimsical decorations, like bunnies, chicks, eggs and artificial grass.  You can hang an Easter “bonnet” or hat on the wall or fill a homemade Easter basket with brightly decorated Easter eggs to add some holiday flair to your home.  Use your imagination and create a scene on the mantel of an Easter bunny hiding eggs in and around other items that could be found outside in the Spring, like a watering can or wheelbarrow.  See what ideas you and the kids can come up with.  Check out these eight blogs for Easter inspired decorations you can make at home.

Other Fun Crafts

Easter crafts don’t have to be useful; they can simply be fun to create. Making a creepy crawler with recycled plastic eggs is fun and if the kids play with it and drag it around the house, all the better.  Make some greeting cards for friends and family or your very own Easter bonnet.  These and many other craft ideas can be found in these eight blog posts below.

Once you read through some of these blogs you should have some crafty ideas to create works of art with your child.  See what recycled materials you already have around and start from there when picking a project.  As you empty other containers, you can do more crafts.  Most importantly, have fun!

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3 Responses to 24 Blogs with Easy Easter Crafts for Kids Made from Recycled Materials

  1. Deb says:

    Fantastic post. Thanks for compiling the ideas.

  2. Amanda Greene-Lebeck says:

    Thanks for compiling all this useful information for us. Now with Easter fast approaching its time for me and my family to get cracking on making some crafts!!!!

  3. Vicki Hale says:

    some of my fondest memories was going to my Aunt’s house to color eggs, things sure have came a long way since then, the most we had was the little wax pencil to write on the egg. Vicki