24 Blogs with the Best Ideas for Recycling Plastic Easter Eggs

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If you are like many families, after Easter you have tons of plastic eggs that you don’t want to throw away, but you have no idea what to do with them.  There are many things you can use these little plastic treasures for, such as making your own toys, creating learning games, using them as mini storage containers and implementing them into craft projects.  Don’t be like others and throw these plastic Easter gems into the landfill.  These 24 blog entries will describe how to go about transforming your ‘Easter’ eggs into something that can be used all year long.


By using some household craft supplies and your basket full of plastic eggs, you can transform your eggs into bugs or animals.  You may also want to play your egg musical instrument while you sip some tea from your egg shell tea cup.  The kids will enjoy playing with these egg creatures and you will get more bang for your buck by recycling these former eggs into toys.  These six blog posts will show you how it can be done.

Learning Games

There are many learning games that you can create using leftover plastic Easter eggs.  If you have the type of eggs that come completely apart, you can work on matching the colors of egg shells.  When your child has mastered that skill, you can write capital and lower case letters on the egg halves for another matching game.  These little plastic beauties will even help you teach a science lesson.  Take a look at these six blog articles for more ideas on how to use eggs as a learning tool.

Mini Containers

Plastic eggs come in various sizes and shapes these days, making them perfect for being reused as mini containers.  You can paint the eggs if you’d like or just leave them bright and colorful.  The kids will enjoy the bright colors if you pack their bento-style lunch in plastic eggs.  You might have fun hiding the kids’ afternoon snack in the yard.  These projects don’t have to be just for the kids, how about making a stylish holder for tea light candles that would be great for mom or using the eggs to store extra buttons in.  Take a look at these six blog articles and see if you can figure out even more ideas on how to recycle plastic Easter eggs.

Craft Projects

Give those plastic eggs a new life as resurrection eggs for next year or Easter eggs with a new sophisticated look to decorate your home. There are many craft projects to do with your leftover eggs, such as filling them with dirt and growing grass in them to create an egg character with funny hair.  Here are six blog entries that you can look at to see if any of the craft projects inspire you.

Now that you have some ingenious recycling ideas what are you waiting for?  Grab those eggs and start giving them new life.

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  1. Jim Everett says:

    These are great ideas! I didn’t think there could be quite so many uses for plastic eggs!