24 Blogs with Tips for Promoting Creative Writing in Kids

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Writing is an integral part of a child’s schooling, and your child will have to write both expository pieces based on facts and creative pieces based on fiction and imagination. While expository pieces require a certain finesse, there’s a certain comfort in being able to form sentences based on facts. Creative writing, on the other hand, can be frustrating when the ideas aren’t flowing. As a parent, it’s important to find ways to encourage your child’s creative writing skills, which you can do by giving him writing prompts or brainstorming with him. You’ll find ways to help your child expand his writing with the help of these 24 blog entries, as well as learn reasons why it’s important that you promote creative writing habits in your child.


Creative writing should be something that is fun and that taps into your child’s imagination. However, writer’s block exists for even the most creative individuals, and sometimes you may find your child is in need of a little encouragement. The following six posts will give you plenty of tips for encouraging your burgeoning writer.

Writing Prompts

Even professional writers experience “writer’s block,” so it’s understandable when your child feels that he can’t possibly come up with any good topics to write about. These six blog articles will provide your child with all kinds of entertaining prompts to get him writing.


Your child may need a bit more direction in his writing, so you might want to start by giving him some exercises to practice his writing. Writing activities also help change things up, ensuring that your young writer doesn’t get bored.  Take a look at these six blog entries to find some writing exercises.

Importance of Writing

The importance of learning to write creatively extends far beyond the classroom, and these six blog posts are full of reasons that you should focus on writing with your child. Read on to find different ways you can inspire your children to write and all about why writing is so important.

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