30 Blogs for Tracking Kids’ Activities

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Keeping up with how your child spends her time, what activities she’s engaging in when you’re not with her, and managing her schedule is easily one of the most difficult aspects of parenting. The need to manage and track all of your child’s activities is ever-present, but can present a significant challenge for today’s over-scheduled, harried parents. These 30 blog posts offer ideas and insights regarding the need to track your children’s actions, and the best methods for doing so.

Tracking Internet Activity

The Internet can be one of the most valuable learning and educational tools that your child has at his disposal. The ability to immediately access the most extensive store of information that civilization has ever known puts your child on the fast track to intellectual expansion and academic success. Unfortunately, the Internet can also be a very dangerous place for children. These five blog entries are dedicated to Internet safety and the ethical implications of tracking – or choosing not to track – the websites that your kids visit.

Tracking Phone Activity

Just one generation ago cell phones were seen as extravagant luxury items owned only by well-heeled, powerful adults. Today, the majority of kids and almost every teenager in the country carry their own little piece of mobile connectivity in their pocket. While a cell phone is a great tool for keeping tabs on your kids and ensuring that they can always access an adult when they’re in trouble, they can also present kids with the opportunity to access and share inappropriate content. Learning to track and monitor your kids’ cell phone activity is detailed in these five blog posts.

Tracking Social Networking Activity

Commenting, posting, liking and tweeting are all commonplace activities for the modern kid. Social networking is, however, an avenue for cyber-bullying and predators to access children. Help your kids learn to use social networking safely and responsibly with the pointers offered in these five blog entries.

Tracking Extracurricular Activities

Between soccer practice, dance classes and academic clubs, today’s kids have schedules that rival those of their parents in terms of fullness. Managing your kids’ activities in addition to your own jam-packed routine while still tracking expenses to ensure that you don’t exceed the family budget can present a very real challenge, which is where these five bloggers offer their assistance.

Tracking Chores and Household Responsibilities

Whether your children are tasked with completing chores in exchange for their allowance or are simply expected to perform them as a matter of daily routine, kids and parents alike can benefit from a bit of chore management. These five blog posts offer hints, tips and ideas for tracking which chores have yet to be completed, and which can be crossed off your child’s list.

Tracking Screen Time

There are a wide variety of reasons for modern parents to be concerned with tracking and applying reasonable limits to the amount of time that their children spend engaged with electronic devices. When kids get off the couch and away from the computer, they have more time available to engage in healthy, physically active pursuits. The ideas put forth by these five blogs make managing kids’ screen time a bit less of a Herculean task.

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