30 Blogs to Help You Go to Prom on a Budget

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Prom can be the most magical night in a young woman’s life.  As a parent, you want her night to be as perfect as possible, but there must be limits. One of these limits is budget. When you begin planning for the big night, it’s a good idea to sit down with your daughter and discuss her expectations for the event and set a budget that the two of you can afford.  If she has to pay for some of the things she wants, she will be far more frugal with the funds than if mom and dad are footing the entire bill. You’ll have no trouble finding the right dress and accessories without spending a fortune when you use the tips from these blog posts.  See if your daughter and her friends can come up with their own money saving tips.  Use these 30 blog entries as a place to start.

Setting the Budget

Your teenage daughter has probably been dreaming about her prom for years, so when you sit down with her to discuss budget you may experience some resistance to the idea.  Explain the facts and let her know that she is expected to contribute to the budget as well.  You can pay a set amount toward the dress, accessories, hair, make-up and photography.  Allow your daughter to add her money to yours if she wants to spend more.  Take a look at these budget ideas on the following five blogs.

The Dress

At prom, it’s all about the dress.  As trends change, so must the styles of prom dresses, but what’s old is new again.  Many trends are cyclical, so if you watch your thrift stores you might just find an old dress that works with this year’s trends.  Don’t be afraid to buy a bigger size if you find a sale dress that your daughter likes, it’s not very expensive to have the dress taken in.  Instead of confining yourself to the couture stores where all of the fancy dresses are, browse around; you’ll be surprised at all the different places that have dresses that are perfect for prom.  Check out the dress tips on these five blog posts.

The Accessories

Finding the right accessories can be very important to your daughter’s overall prom look.  Prom is a night to look elegant and put together, and to achieve that put together look her accessories have to be just right.  The right accessories don’t have to break the budget, however. Maybe she can borrow some jewelry or shoes.  Ask her what her ideal accessories would be and then go in search of them for a bargain price.  Take a look at these five blog entries to learn a bit more about choosing the right accessories without spending a lot.

Hair and Make-Up

Having your daughter’s hair and make-up done professionally can certainly be a treat and make her feel special, but it is also one area where you can save a lot of money.  Have her do her own hair and make-up, or have a friend help her.   There’s no reason to break the bank when it comes to professional services.  You might be able to compromise and have the services done at a cosmetology school.  These five blog posts can help you with budget saving ideas for hair and make-up.


You must have pictures to remember the event, but do you have to pay a professional photographer top dollar?  With digital photography, iPhones and Instagram there will probably be way more pictures taken that night than are needed.  However, it’s nice to have a formal picture taken of your daughter and her date.  These kinds of pictures can be taken before the prom.  For more ideas on how to save money on prom photography read these five blog articles.

The Limo

Does your daughter have to take a limo?  Some teens feel like they do, and as a parent you may feel more comfortable if someone else is doing the driving, but limos can be expensive.  Check out the alternatives in these five blog entries.

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