30 Blogs with the Best Pasta Recipes

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Pasta dishes are comforting no matter what time of year, but during cooler months they are particularly tasty.  Pasta can go into many different types of dishes from an all vegetarian dish to a cold salad.  These 30 blogs have a wide range of recipes that you might like to try.  It’s pasta, what could be wrong with that?


Fixing one vegetarian meal a week is often a good way to reduce the amount of red meat and fats that you consume.  A pasta dish is a simple way to go when trying to slip a vegetarian dish by your family because they won’t miss the meat.  These five blog entries have some delicious options


These meaty recipes are as simple to make as they are to eat, comfort food for the soul.  Try them for yourself and see what reactions you get from your family as they dive into a plate of hearty pasta.


White meat chicken is a healthy option for dinner and works well with all different kinds of pasta.  These five blog posts will share with you recipes for chicken and pasta recipes that will have your mouth watering.


The convenient thing about baked pasta dishes is that they can be made ahead and frozen and then baked off when you need them or they can just be made earlier in the day and they will sit waiting in the refrigerator until you are ready to bake them.  These dishes allow you the freedom to bake dinner when you are ready.

Crock Pot

Pasta cooked in the crock pot?  Yes, it can be done without much fuss.  You can come home after work or play and dive into a hot pasta dinner.  Add a salad and some bread and dinner is on the table in no time flat.


Pasta salads are common fare at picnics in the summer, but you can easily make them for potlucks throughout the year.  These salads can be served pretty much at room temperature during the cool winter months without worry of spoilage.  In the summer make sure that mayonnaise based salads are kept cold.

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