30 Blogs with the Best Tips for Planning Your Child’s First Sleepover

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The first time your child is invited to or decides to host a sleepover, you can guarantee that your heart will jump out of your chest. Both scenarios are scary in their own way, however, the latter comes with the added responsibility of looking after other people’s children. Then there’s the fact that your little one is relying on you to cement her reputation as the “hostess with the mostest” among her friends and classmates. You’re going to need lots of help, so soak up all the tips that you can from these 30 blogs.

Planning and Sending out Invites

First things first, formulate a plan and decide how many kids you’re going to invite to the sleepover. Your child will naturally want to control this part of the proceedings, but tread carefully; the wrong dynamics can destroy a sleepover. For more advice on planning and organizing a sleepover, learn from these five blogs.

Sleepover Theme

Every party should have a theme, especially if you’re celebrating your child’s first sleepover. The theme should be all about your little one, with some direction and encouragement from you, of course. It doesn’t need to be too elaborate or expensive; in fact, you can even let the guests create decorations or accessories for the theme as part of the sleepover activities. You can find some great theme ideas ideal for a first sleepover in these five blogs.

Activities and Games

No sleepover is complete without activities and games to keep the kids occupied and entertained. Plus, when it comes time for them to go to sleep, you’ll hear a lot less complaining if everyone is burnt out from playing. This is something you can pre-plan, however, it is a good idea to have a number of back-ups since you never know when the kids are going to get bored. If you need some inspiration for sleepover activities and games, look no further than these five blogs.

Food and Drinks

As already mentioned, this is essentially a party. Whether you like it or not, that makes you the catering staff. You don’t want a herd of kids getting sick from stuffing themselves, though, so choose your menu carefully. Obviously you want the kids to have fun, it’s just a matter of finding the right balance in the food and drink that you provide. In these five blogs there are culinary treats fit for a king – or, in this case – a little boy hosting his first ever sleepover.

Sleeping Arrangements and House Proofing

Unless your home is ready-built to accommodate an army of kids, you’re going to need to think about sleeping arrangements and house proofing. There is a chance that you will have to improvise, however, you will also want all the kids to have a comfortable night’s sleep. Getting the sleeping arrangements right is only the start of your problems, though, as you have securing your home to contend with, too. To ensure everyone is safe and makes it through the night relatively unscathed, follow the advice in these five blogs.

What Parents Need to Know

While you’re busy preparing the kids and your home for the upcoming sleepover, don’t forget to think of the parents. That includes you, too! Take the time to speak to each child’s parents, making sure to ask for essential information on allergies or other special needs. If it’s their child’s first time, too, you can also direct them to these five blogs on coping with a child’s first sleepover.

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