5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe at Amusement Parks

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There’s just something about the amusement park that sends kids into paroxysms of joy at the mere mention of a visit. For youngsters, a trip to the amusement park is a day filled with fun, food of questionable nutrition and a whirl or two on the many rides. For parents, however, they can be a veritable minefield of potentially dangerous and harmful situations. Before canceling your trip to the nearest theme park or spending the day wracked with fear as your youngsters race from one harrowing adventure to the next, consider putting these five safety rules into play, along with a few customized rules that you’ve set yourself to fit the temperament and habits of your own unique brood.

Slather on the Sunscreen

Shoddy maintenance and kids’ own clumsy natures aren’t the only threats to your children’s safety at the amusement park. The sun, even on a cloudy or overcast day, can wreak havoc on your little ones’ skin. To be sure that you’re protecting them from environmental hazards as well as those specific to the amusement park, take the time to thoroughly apply sunscreen to each and every bit of exposed skin. Keep in mind, too, that sunscreen does wear off over time, and that even brands marketed as “waterproof” are really only water-resistant, so they will need to be reapplied after a dunk from a water slide, profuse sweating or a sudden summer shower.

Keep Little Ones Hydrated

Dehydration can be very dangerous for kids and adults alike. While you may find it acceptable to allow one sugary, overpriced concession-stand drink, you’ll need to make sure that there’s plenty of water available to your kids in order to help stave off dehydration. Kids at an amusement park will be running, playing hard and sweating, which means that they’ll be losing fluid at an alarming rate. Be sure that you encourage them to replenish those lost fluids with water. Sports drinks do contain electrolytes to replace those lost through sweat, but they also contain loads of sweeteners and chemical flavorings or coloring agents that you may be more inclined to skip.

Don’t Try to “Cheat” Restrictions

When your child is in tears because he’s a quarter of an inch too short to ride the big roller coaster, it can be tempting to look for ways around those restrictions. Keep in mind, though, that those restrictions are put in place expressly to maintain the safety and security of all the riders. Just because you can find a way around them doesn’t mean that it’s in your best interest. In the end, it’s far better to endure the disappointment and attendant crankiness that comes with accompanying a child who’s been denied a turn on a particularly exciting ride than to successfully circumvent them and end up with a gravely injured one.

Set a Good Safety Example

“Do as I say, not as I do” never helped anyone make a point, and that rule holds true in amusement parks, too. You can instruct your kids not to take risks with their safety or gamble with their well-being, but they’re not likely to take those instructions under serious consideration if they’re watching you flout the rules. Remember that your kids will take cues about how they should act in a given situation from the behavior they observe in you, and make a conscious effort to follow the same rules that you set forth for them.

Help Staff Members Spot Problems

Whether it’s borne of a blind faith that someone in a position of authority will spot problems on their own or a fear of imposition, some parents will see a safety hazard and refuse to approach staff members with their concerns. Remember that you, as a customer, are on the front lines in a way that amusement park managers and employees can’t be, and that it’s imperative that you report any dangerous problems you see along the way. Don’t just move to the next seat over because the lap-belt is broken or compromised; call a staff member’s attention to the issue so that you can help to keep other kids as safe as you’re keeping your own.

With sensationalist news reports and urban-legend horror stories abounding, it’s easy to see an amusement park visit as a direct ticket to the emergency room. It’s important to remember that, provided you’re behaving well and not taking unnecessary risks, you’re more than likely to experience a pleasant, if exhausting day at the park.

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