8 Fun and Inexpensive Craft Projects for the Family

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Crafting can be an inexpensive way to enjoy time with the whole family and develop essential skills in children. Some of the best crafts can be done for just a couple dollars simply by recycling things you already own or keeping an eye out at dollar stores, thrift stores and other spots where cheap items can be purchased. Plus, doing things inexpensively is a great way to keep money in your wallet and also teach children how to be smart with their money. In addition to being inexpensive, crafts teach invaluable lessons to children. Crafts that let children practice fine motor skills, such as ones where they manipulate buttons and other small objects, can help them with learning how to open and close objects, zip, unbuckle, button, tie shoes and pinch objects between their fingers. However, the most important thing about participating in crafts with your family is the priceless bonding between family members.

Ribbon Wind Socks
This simple and enjoyable craft project is courtesy of Econobusters, where you can find pictures of the finished product. All you will need is a few cheap embroidery hoops and plenty of different patterns and colors of ribbon. Use scraps of what you may already have, or purchase cheap ribbon from the dollar store or on clearance at hobby stores. Have each family member cut ribbons of their choosing into pieces that are double the length of what they want them to be. (The reason for this is you end up folding the ribbon in half through the hoop and tying each piece.) In the end, you’ll have attractive ribbon wind socks or chandeliers. Simply hang with a piece of ribbon.

Suncatcher Window
For this project, you will need an old window (if you can find one), or you can use an old, large frame. You can pick one of these up at a scrap yard or at a thrift store. Next, you’ll need plenty of clear but colorful glass stones that are available at dollar stores. Have each family member sit around the window or frame and simply glue on the glass pieces and, voila, you will have a beautiful suncatcher that can be propped up or hung inside a window in your home.

Button Shapes
A multitude of fun projects can be done with buttons, and many of them can provide beautiful and personalized art for your home. Purchase a large amount of random buttons and a few canvas boards that are also inexpensive. You will also need some clear craft glue. Then, simply let every family member form a shape with the buttons. They may create words, a heart, a tree or some other shape. This is a great project because it allows the creativity of each family member to come out onto the canvas board and it also provides some sweet art to display in your home.

Scrabble Tile Art
This craft is another one that lets the creativity of each individual shine and also provides art for the home. To see the full tutorial, check out 320 Sycamore, where you will also find pictures of the process and finished product. You will need Scrabble tiles, which are available in bulk online or at craft stores, as well as frames and fabric. Don’t forget to check out thrift stores for both of these items, and dollar stores have plenty of frames. Each family member will put the piece of fabric of their choice behind the glass of the frame and then glue the Scrabble tiles onto the glass. What the letters spell out is up to you!

Poured Paint Planter
You can make beautiful planting pots with this project outlined at Dollarstorecrafts.com. Simply pour paints over upside-down terra cotta pots and watch them drip down to create garden-friendly masterpieces. Easy, family-friendly, and just messy enough to keep kids riveted. Check out the link for the full directions.

Pool Noodle Garland
This great summer craft is brought to us by Dollar Store Mom. You cut up pool noodles and string them together, creating a fabulous pool noodle garland that can be hung on a fence or somewhere else to create a festive feel. It’s a great decoration for an outdoor summer party. The best part is that the whole family has to work as a team to create this long and colorful decoration, so you can work on family bonding and teamwork.

Big Black and White Letter Art
For this craft, the family member should decide on what word they would like to spell out with big letters. (e.g., “Family,” “Love,” your last name, etc.) Purchase the letters at a hobby store, which should have large cardboard letters or wooden letters that would work, although the large cardboard letters would be preferable. Then, acquire black and white items, such as scrapbook papers, buttons, newspaper, paint and fabric. Have each family member decorate a letter or two as they wish and watch the magic that happens as each individual creates a different sort of masterpiece. Then, display the finalized word wherever you like.

Family Tree
For this project, find a spot on a wall where you can fit a “tree” that will be about four feet tall. Use brown bulletin-board paper or construction paper to fashion the trunk and the branches of your tree and tape them directly onto the wall. Then, cut out “leaves” with construction paper and tape them onto your tree’s branches. In some of the leaves, place pictures of family members. It can be an actual family tree in which you do some research and make it very accurate, or it can simply be random pictures of your family, whichever you prefer. This is a great way to personalize bedrooms or communal spaces.

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